Turbo Set 90
Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90
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Turbo Set 90
The smallest set for autogenous welding provided with disposable oxygen cylinder and gas cartridge. The kit is contained in a small elegant metal carrier. The Turbo Set is compact, powerful and allows the end-user to make professional welding being particularly suitable for small hydraulics, air conditioning and refrigeration works. The product safety is guaranteed by four flashback arrestors with double protection: one on the pressure reducer, one on the gas tap and two integrated in the handgrip. Various accessories included

Patented handgrip
Handgrip of latest conception and design, with built-in safety oxygen and gas safety valves with double protection

Meticulous attention to details
The weight of the kit is really limited: 5 kg. A practical handle and two blocking devices for bottles make it possible to carry the set everywhere. These details make the welding kit useful for refrigerator technicians, jewellers and demanding hobbyists.

Consists of:
- OXYGEN Cylinder 110 bar - 1l
- MAXY GAS cartridge
- MIGNON oxygen pressure reducer and gas tap with flashback arrestors with double protection
- 2m hoses with connections
- Handgrip torch with adjusting knobs with built-in double protection valves and lance fitted with 80/l nozzle
- Star with 4 nozzles
- Protective goggles
- Multipurpose spanner
- Flint lighter
- Filler metal with deoxidizer