Tungsten electrodes are used in arc welding with inert gas and tungsten (TIG). Tungsten is used at very high temperatures as it resists melting and degrades very little (if working in a controlled atmosphere with inert gases as is usually the case). The electrodes are made by sintering powders and subsequent forging.
Tungsten electrodes for TIG generally contain small quantities of metal oxides which ensure benefits of materials such as:

  • Facilitated start of the current transient
  • Improved arc stability
  • Increased current of the rod
  • Reduced risk of contaminating the base surface
  • Increased life of the electrode

The most used electrodes for the TIG welding process are as follows:

  • Pure tungsten electrodes
  • Thoriated tungsten electrodes
  • Cerium tungsten electrodes
  • 1.5% or 2% Lanthanum tungsten electrodes
  • Universal tungsten electrodes
9EWC2010Cerium tungsten electrodes Ø 1.0mm10
9EWC2016Cerium tungsten electrodes Ø 1.6mm10
9EWC2020Cerium tungsten electrodes Ø 2.0mm10
9EWC2024Cerium tungsten electrodes Ø 2.4mm10
9EWC2032Cerium tungsten electrodes Ø 3.2mm10
9EWC2040Cerium tungsten electrodes Ø 4.0mm10