All lances are APRAGAZ approved and have been tested individually in operating pressure with a lit flame.

All constructive components are also separately marked to ensure greater safety during coupling.

CodeDescriptionThickness (mm)Weight (kg)No. Pcs
157600AC Acetylene5-100.061
157601AC Acetylene10-150.061
157602AC Acetylene15-250.061
157603AC Acetylene25-500.061
157604AC Acetylene50-1000.061
157605AC Acetylene100-1750.061
157606AC Acetylene175-2500.061
157607AC Acetylene250-3000.061
CodeDescriptionThickness (mm)Weight (kg)No. Pcs
157650NX PROPANE 5-100.061
157651NX PROPANE10-150.061
157652NX PROPANE15-250.061
157653NX PROPANE25-500.061
157654NX PROPANE50-1000.061
157655NX PROPANE75-1500.061
157656NX PROPANE150-2000.061
157657NX PROPANE250-3000.061