Oxyturbo also offers a range of tools for tank and kegs like high quality spunding valves with 2.5 bar gauge which allow to maintain a set pressure in the vessel from 0 to 2.5 bar, or valves groups for kegs filling which also  enable fermenters to both ferment under pressure and condition beer before transferring to a keg, or ball lock disconnects for gas and for liquids.

With the spunding valve, it is possible to get natural carbonation in the fermentation tank, by fermentation. Adjust the relief valve to the right pressure based on the desired degree of carbonation. It is a necessary tool, for example, during the beer transfer between two kegs. 

code C1999478

code C1999476.00

code 479900

code C1999472

code 411101

CODEDescriptionConnectionWeight (kg)No.Pcs.
C1999478Spunding Valve7/16”-20UNF (1/4 SAE)0.241
C1999476.00Discharge and check valve groupG5/80.841
479900Discharge and check valveG5/80.221
411100Ball lock disconnect light grey for gas 7/16”-20UNF (1/4 SAE)0.041
411101Ball lock disconnect black for liquid7/16”-20UNF (1/4 SAE)0.041