Protective gas CO2 or Mix
Voltage class L
Wire diameter 0.6 – 0.8 – 1.2 – 1.6
Working cycle 60% 500A CO2 - 450A Mix

The MIG/MAG welding process is a continuous process in which the weld pool protection is guaranteed by a cover gas flowing from the torch onto the part to be welded. Being a continuous process ensures high productivity of the process itself, and at the same time the presence of gas allows for operation without scorching (both these features increase the affordability of the electrode welding process).

  • Dual-function torch: to form the arc between the wire and the piece and bring the protection gas on the weld pool Mass
  • Arc current generator (in modern machines, the check of arc characteristics is carried out electronically)
  • Feeding mechanism and check that the
  • Reel wraps the
  • Protection gas cylinder.


MIG/MAG welding is used when high productivity and a high degree of flexibility are required. With this technology, it is possible to weld both austenitic and ferritic steels, light metal alloys (Al and Mg), copper alloys, nickel alloys and titanium alloys. Since the weld pool protection is guaranteed by a gas flow, this procedure is only recommended in workshops, as even moderate wind can cause dispersion of the gas flow with a resulting reduction in the quality of the welded joint. It is possible in some cases to work outside, making protective domes around the area to be welded.

CodeDescriptionWeight (Kg)No.pcs.
9T02005013SPC16Mig Torch BZ 501 3 m 3.701
9T02005014SPC16Mig Torch BZ 501 4 m3.901
9T02005015SPC16Mig Torch BZ 501 5 m4.101
9T0206501C Complete adjustable swan neck BZ 50111
9T0203501Washer 50121
9T0205501C/CTip holder BZ 501310
9T0205501Insulated gas diffuser BZ 501450
9T0205501CERCeramic gas diffuser BZ 5014a50
9T0205501/CBBlack insulated gas diffuser BZ 501 4b50
9T0201M83008CContact tip M8x30 ø 0.85a20
9T0201M83010CContact tip M8x30 ø 1.05a20
9T0201M83012CContact tip M8x30 ø 1.25a20
9T0201M83014CContact tip M8x30 ø 1.45a20
9T0201M83016CContact tip M8x30 ø 1.65a20
9T0201M83008HContact tip M8x30 ø 0.8 Cucrzr5a10
9T0201M83010HContact tip M8x30 ø 1.0 Cucrzr5a10
9T0201M83012HContact tip M8x30 ø 1.2 Cucrzr5a10
9T0201M83014HContact tip M8x30 ø 1.4 Cucrzr5a10
9T0201M83016HContact tip M8x30 ø 1.6 Cucrzr5a10
9T020250116CAdjustable conic nozzle ø 16610
9t020250119CAdjustable conic nozzle ø 196a10
9T0208ABZTTAnatomic handle rubbered71
9T02144M92Spring for handle101
9T0209ABZSwitch for anatomic handle111
9T02205013Cable assembly cpl. 3 m131
9T02205014Cable assembly cpl. 4 m131
9T02205015Cable assembly cpl. 5 m131
9TEA311Spring for small connector case141
9TBW159Big connector case151
9T023004CNut for case161
9T0230501CBack torch body movable plug water171
9T023006CLiner nut181
9T02245013GORubber power cable 3 m for H 2 O191
9T02245014GORubber power cable 4 m for H 2 O191
9T02245015GORubber power cable 5 m for H 2 O191
9T02215013Rilsan wire conduit 3 m201
9T02215014Rilsan wire conduit 4 m201
9T02215015Rilsan wire conduit 5 m201
9TVAGH58BPVCPVC hose 5x8 blue for H 2 O21100
9TVAGH58BRubber hose 5x8 blue for H 2 O21250
9TVAGH58RPVCPVC hose 5x8 red for H 2 O22100
9TVAGH58RRubber hose 5x8 red for H 2 O22250
9T0235501Male quick connection H 2 O2310
9TVAGH58NRubber hose 5x8 black for H 2 O24250
9T02305011Clamp ø 9.525100
9T02305012Clamp ø 10.525100
9T02305013Clamp ø 8.725100
9T02305014Clamp ø 8.025100
9TVAPR2528NCanvas sheating 25x28 N2640
9TVAPR2831NCanvas sheating 28x31 N2640
9TVACVBPControl wire27100
9T02PG501AMale fitting front rilsan wire con.281
9T02PG501PMale fitting back rilsan wire con.291
9T0245M501CMale fitting for p.c. BZ 501 C301
9T0245F501CFemale fitting for p.c. BZ 501 C311
CODICEDescrizioneDN° pz.
9T0204T4WIPGuaina blu tonda 4 m scioltaR1
9T0204T5WIPGuaina blu tonda 5 m scioltaR1
9T0204T4RWIPGuaina rossa tonda 4 m scioltaR1
9T0204T5RWIPGuaina rossa tonda 5 m scioltaR1
9T0204P4WIPGuaina gialla tonda 4 m scioltaR1
9T0204P6WIPGuaina gialla tonda 6 m scioltaR1
9T0204501N4WIPGuaina guidafilo nuda 4 m BZ 501 - BZ 550 POWERR1
9T0204501N5WIPGuiaina guidafilo nuda 5 m BZ 501 - BZ 550 POWERR1
9T0204AL15Guaina per alluminio 4,5 m ø 1,5R1
9T0204AL155Guaina per alluminio 5 m ø 1,5R1
9T0204AL25Guaina per alluminio 4,5 m ø 2,5R1
9T0204AL255Guaina per alluminio 5,5 m ø 2,5R1
9T0204ALTDado per guaina di alluminioR1
9T0204ALGGuainetta + ghieretta per alluminioR1