A two-seater trolley is available for 50-litre, 250 mm diameter cylinders. Trolleys are equipped with a storage tray, galvanised chains, 2 full 200 mm diameter rubber wheels and 2 rear rubber pivoting full 125 mm diameter support wheels.

CodeDescriptionWeight (Kg)No. Pcs.
105900Cylinder holder trolley 50 L0.916666666666671

The two-seater trolleys comply with CE standards and are ideal for 14 litre cylinders. They are equipped with 2 full 200 mm diameter rubber wheels and a convenient drawer so everything you need for work is always on hand.

CodeDescriptionWeight (Kg)No. Pcs.
105700Cylinder holder trolley 14 L0.51

Oxyturbo trolleys allow for cylinder handling, supporting a weight up to 30 kg. and are equipped with a convenient storage compartment.

CodeDescriptionWeight (Kg)No.Pcs.
105500Acetylene trolley 5 L3.701
105550Propane trolley 5 L3.701
105200Trolley 2 L2.201