The Kit Gas Point Smart is equipped with:

  • a MaxySmart pressure reducer with a ø 63 mm pressure gauge or a flow meter
  • a ball valve for connection to the circuit
  • a bracket for wall mounting
  • a nut and hose connection at the outlet.

The pressure gauge is oriented so as to allow for easy operator reading. The variants for oxygen, acetylene and propane are arranged for the connection of a dual safety valve against flame and gas returns.

N.B. For the double and triple versions, it is possible to order the components separately. 


Kit Gas Point Smart

Oxyturbo offers a complete kit of pressure reducer, ball valve for connection to the circuit and bracket for wall mounting of the Gas Point Smart in the single version.

CodeDescriptionGasInputOutputWeight (kg)No. pcs
245352GPS10Kit Gas Point Smart 10 barInert gasesG3/8G3/811501
240302GPSKit Gas Point Smart 10 barOxygenG3/8G1/411501
241352GPSGas Point Smart Kit 1.5 barAcetyleneG3/8LHG3/8LH11301
242352GPSGas Point Smart Kit 2.5 barPropaneG3/8LHG3/8LH11501
245302GPSGas Point Smart Kit 32 l/minCo 2 /ArgonG3/8G1/411351


Kit Gas Point Smart with flowmeter

The Gas Point Smart with single flow meter is also available in the kit version complete with ball valves for connection to the circuit and brackets for wall mounting.

CodeDescriptionGasInputOutputWeight (kg)No. pcs
245402GPSGas Point Smart Flux 30 l/minCo 2 /ArgonG3/8G1/411801



Rounded Ball Valves

Galvanised ball valves with handle for easy gas opening/closing. These allow connection of the Gas Point Smart to the gas distribution circuit.

CodeDescriptionGasWeight (kg)
479950Ball valve with elbowOxygen/inert gases0.26
479951Ball valve with elbowFuel gases0.26
C1999005Ball valve without elbowOxygen/ inert gases/ fuel gases0.23


Connection fitting 

Brass fitting kit suitable for all our versions. Includes a G3/8 nut and a welded Pool fitting for Ø 8 mm pipe.

490382Nut G3/8 + Pool fitting for Ø 8mm pipe