A very new piston reducer without pressure gauges, complete with quick connection for 6/4mm diameter hose at the outlet and with fixed, non-adjustable operating pressure calibrated to 2 bar. This permits very precise distribution that does not change over time. All the components of the larger range reducers are concentrated in this smaller reducer. The micro-needle valve is integrated directly into the reducer body machining which allows optimal space reduction.

It is also available with HP gauge, with the assembled solenoid valve and even for the M11x1 version.

CODEDescriptionP1 (bar)P1 (bar)Q1 (lt/min)Weight (kg) No.Pcs.Pack. Dim. (cm)Pack. Weight (Kg)
235001MINIMUM M10X160260.225046 x 29.5 x 2611.20
235000MINIMUM M11X160260.225046 x 29.5 x 2611.20
235101MINIMUM M10X1 HP gauge60260.302446 x 31 x1 7.57.20
235161.EVMINIMUM M10X1 HP gauge+solenoid valve60260.533041.5 X 36.5 X 2515.90

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