Professional pressure reducers for disposable cylinders, ideal for dispensing wine and beer and for carbonating

  • Body and cover are machined directly from brass bar and are nickel-plated.
  • Available in a front or vertical version pressure adjusting knob.
  • Supplied with a John Guest quick coupling fitting for 6mm outlet piping.
  • 40mm diameter pressure gauges
  • Individual packaging.

MINOR CO2 code 371200

MINOR CO2 code 381309.00



These pressure reducers are especially suitable for carbonating systems and for small beer dispensers, with a maxi- mum outlet pressure of 5.5 bar.

The low-pressure gauge is used to display the set carbonation level, while the high-pressure gauge indicates the quantity of gas inside the cylinder.

It is possible to use the Minor with connection M11x1 with ACME cylinders through the adaptor (Cod. 490880) and Minor W21,8 through adaptor (cod. 490885).

A special adaptor can be used with Minor for vertical adjustment with acme cylinders.

CODEDescriptionCylinder threadH.P. gauge (bar)L.P. gauge (bar)Weight (Kg)No. Pcs.Pack. Dim. (cm)Pack. Weight (Kg)
371000MINOR CO 2 no gaugesM11x1--0.325046 x 29.5 x 2616.20
371300MINOR CO 2 L.P.  gaugeM11x1-0-100.383041 x 36 x  2411.60
371200MINOR CO 2 2 gaugesM11x10-3150-100.441641 x 36 x  247.20
371309.00MINOR CO 2 L.P. gaugesW21.8-0-100.501641 x 36 x  249.00

MINOR CO2ACME fitting code 371202

MINOR CO2 ACME fitting code 371302.00



These pressure reducere for ACME cylinders are suitable for manual carbonation devices. The peculiarity is the ACME fitting that is obtained directly from the manufactory of the reducer’s body so that is possible to avoid adding the connection.

The reduced dimensions make the reducer suitable fot usage in small spaces.

It also has a quick conncetion for ø6mm hose (food-safe).

Oxyturbo, always focused on the end-user, created a version with the handle to guarantee a higher lever during the screwing and unscrewing of the reducer to the cylinder.

A special adaptor can be used with Minor for vertical adjustment with acme cylinders.

CODEDescriptionCylinder threadH.P. gauge (bar)L.P. gauge (bar)Weight (Kg)No. Pcs.Pack. Dim. (cm)Pack. Weight (Kg)
381000MINOR CO 2 no gaugesM11x1--0.305046 x 29.5 x 2615.20
381300MINOR CO 2 L.P.  gaugeM11x1-0-100.353041 x 36 x  2410.70
381200MINOR CO 2 2 gaugesM11x10-3150-100.421641 x 36 x  2412.80
381002MINOR CO 2 no gaugesACME--0.325046 x 29.5 x 2616.20
381302MINOR CO 2 L.P.  gaugeACME-0-100.373041 x 36 x  2411.30
381202MINOR CO 2 2 gaugesACME0-3150-100.481641 x 36 x  2414.60

code 490780

code 490781

code 490880

code 490783


The adaptors allow for refillable cylinder installation on the carbonator on which smaller size disposable cylinders were originally installed. This also makes Minor reducer use possible with refillable cylinders.The adaptor with a nylon gasket is best suited for continuous reducer use. Also available with an adaptor for Minor M11x1 use on acme cylinders.

CAUTION: always screw the adaptors onto the pressure reducer first and then install the complete reducer on the cylinder.

CODEDescriptionWeight (kg)No.Pcs.
490780Adapter M11x1rhe-W21,8rhi with nylon gasket for Minor0.0971
490781Adapter M11x1rhe-W21,8rhi with O-Ring for Minor0.1001
490880Adapter M11x1rhe h=7,5- ACMErhi for Minor0.0661
490783 Adapter W21,8rhe-M11x1rhi for Major0.0651
490885Adapter W21,8rhe-ACMErhi for Major0.0981
490886Adapter 5/8”-18UNFrhe-ACMErhi0.0801
490887Adapter 5/8”-18UNFrhe-W21,8rhi0.0861
490786Adapter ACMErhe-M11x1rhi for Minor0.0571
490787Adapter ACMErhe-W21,8rhi-W21,8rhi for Minor0.0951