When using pressure regulators without a dual-sampling station system, the operating pressure can increase relatively quickly and abruptly as soon as the gas filling inside the cylinder falls below 20% of the nominal filling quantity.  If in this case is not carried out a manual pressure recalibration, the quantity of CO2 supplied will increase considerably and will exceed the originally set dosage. With these regulators the calibration remains constant until the end of the cylinder pressure. If a single stage regulator were used in a 10kg cylinder, for example, about 2kg of CO2 would need constant adjustments to the operating pressure.

code 379769

CODEDescriptionP1 barP2 barWeight (kg)No.Pcs.Pack. Dim. (cm)Pack.Weight (kg)
379769Minormix26020.871640,5 x 35,5 x 2414