Protective gas CO2 or Mix
Voltage class L
Wire diameter 0.8 – 1.0 – 1.2 – 1.4 – 1.6
Working cycle60% 400A CO2 – 350A Mix

The MIG/MAG welding process is a continuous process in which the weld pool protection is guaranteed by a cover gas flowing from the torch onto the part to be welded. Being a continuous process ensures high productivity of the process itself, and at the same time the presence of gas allows for operation without scorching (both these features increase the affordability of the electrode welding process).

  • Dual-function torch: to form the arc between the wire and the piece and bring the protection gas on the weld pool Mass
  • Arc current generator (in modern machines, the check of arc characteristics is carried out electronically)
  • Feeding mechanism and check that the
  • Reel wraps the
  • Protection gas cylinder.


MIG/MAG welding is used when high productivity and a high degree of flexibility are required. With this technology, it is possible to weld both austenitic and ferritic steels, light metal alloys (Al and Mg), copper alloys, nickel alloys and titanium alloys. Since the weld pool protection is guaranteed by a gas flow, this procedure is only recommended in workshops, as even moderate wind can cause dispersion of the gas flow with a resulting reduction in the quality of the welded joint. It is possible in some cases to work outside, making protective domes around the area to be welded.

CodeDescriptionWeight (kg)No.pcs
9T01430ETW4 Torch 10 ft. Euro connection3.601
9T01440ETW4 Torch 12 ft. Euro connection4.101
9T01445ETW4 Torch 15 ft. Euro connection4.601
9T0164A60C Complete conductor tube 60° TW411
9T0174AConductor tube insulation TW431
9T0154AGas diffuser TW4450
9T0114H30CContact tip ø 0.8 mm520
9T0114H40CContact tip ø 1.0 mm520
9T0114H45CContact tip ø 1.2 mm520
9t0114H52CContact tip ø 1.4 mm520
9T0114H116CContact tip ø 1.6 mm520
9T0134CTNozzle insul. for CT TW4620
9T0124CT62CCoarse thread nozzle ø 16 mm710
9T012362Self insul. Nozzle ø 16 mm810
9T0184Handle case with screws91
9T0194Trigger switch with blades101
9T0192CSwitch blades set10A1
9T011446SCable support TW4 spring111
9T0120410EReplac. Cable TW4 50 mm2 10 ft.141
9T0120412EReplac. Cable TW4 50 mm² 12 ft.141
9T0120415EReplac. Cable TW4 50 mm² 15 ft.141
9TBW159Connector case151
9TBW195Small connector case161
9T023004CNut for case191
9T023005TWEuro connector for TW 12x1201
9T01441165WIPWip liner ø 1.0/1.6 – 4.5 m 211
9T01441167WIPWip liner ø 1.0/1.6 – 7.0 m 211