WORKING CYCLE 35% 110A DC 35% 95A AC

An electric arc welding method in an inert atmosphere. It is the most effective, economical processes for the difficult welding of metals such as: stainless steel, aluminium, beryllium, copper, brass, cast iron, nickel, tantalum, titanium, columbio, mobilden, Evendur, Inconel, Monel alloys and cryogenic welding.

The arc, which is formed between the electrode and the base metal, is protected by gas (argon or helium or a mixture of the two gases) coming out of the gun where the electrode protrudes. The arc is ignited by a pilot spark which, causing ionisation of the protective gas, makes it conductive. For the high melting temperature of tungsten, the electrode does not melt and therefore does not take part in the melting process. The filler metal, present if the thickness of the pieces is higher than 1mm, is added into the electric arc area and will form the welding cord when melted. The entire welding area (arc, electrode, molten metal base, filler metal) is immersed in an inert environment consisting of the protective gas. This fact prevents the oxidation of the welded joint by the atmosphere and also allows the welding of reactive materials.


The TIG process is particularly suitable when small thicknesses of material, starting from a few tenths of a millimetre, are to be welded. However, it is not possible to weld thicknesses over a few mm (2-3 mm for steels) with a single seam (hence, generally, it is not used to weld thicknesses greater than 5-6 mm). Therefore, considering low productivity, it is often used to make the first seam of a joint, while filling is subsequently carried out with higher productivity processes. Given the characteristics of its procedure, it can be used in any position and can be used for continuous or spot welding. It is not advisable to use this procedure in outdoor locations, as even a moderate wind can cause dispersion of the protective gas.

CodeDescriptionWeight (kg)No.pcs
9TWP912RSFTorch WP9 SuperFlex 4 m M12x11.701
9TWP925RSFTorch WP9 SuperFlex 8 m M12x12.701
9TWP9V12Torch WP9 with valve 4 m M12x11.501
9TWP9V25Torch WP9 with valve 8 m M12x12.501
9TTGADS25TR Tig Dinse 25 mm2 adapter11
9TTGADS50TRTig Dinse 50 mm2 adapter11
9T0598882Heat shield WP9 - WP2021
9T98W77O-ring for bag cap310
9T41V24Long back cap41
9T41V35Medium back cap4A1
9T41V33Short back cap4B10
9T13N20Collet ø 0.5 mm510
9T13N21Collet ø 1.0 mm510
9T13N22Collet ø 1.6 mm510
9T70066WTCollet ø 2.0 mm510
9T13N23Collet ø 2.4 mm510
9T13N24Collet ø 3.2 mm510
9T13N25Collet body ø 0.5mm610
9T13N26Collet body ø 1.0 mm610
9T13N27Collet body ø 1.6 mm610
9T70067WTCollet body ø 2.0 mm610
9T13N28Collet body ø 2.4 mm610
9T13N29Collet body ø 3.2 mm610
9T13N08Ceramic nozzle g 4 ø 6.0 mm710
9T13N09Ceramic nozzle g 5 ø 8.0 mm710
9T13N10Ceramic nozzle g 6 ø 9.5 mm710
9T13N11Ceramic nozzle g 7 ø 11.0 mm710
9T13N12Ceramic nozzle g 8 ø 12.7 mm710
9T13N13Ceramic nozzle g 10 ø 17.5 mm710
9T45V42Collet body gas lens ø 1.0 mm810
9T45V43Collet body gas lens ø 1.6 mm810
9T70058Collet body gas lens ø 2.0 mm810
9T45V44Collet body gas lens ø 2.4 mm810
9T45V45Collet body gas lens ø 3.2 mm810
9T53N58Ceramic nozzle gas lens ø 6.0 mm910
9T53N59Ceramic nozzle gas lens ø 8.0 mm910
9T53N60Ceramic nozzle gas lens ø 9.5 mm910
9T53N61Ceramic nozzle gas lens ø 11.0 mm910
Code DescriptionNo.No.pcs.
9TWP9WP9 torch body111
9TWP9FWP9 flexible tirch body11A1
9TTG002Reduction for handle161
9TTP91CComplete handle 171
9TTG003Micro 1 position201
9TTG005Tip grommet221
9T57Y01R12TROverb. rubber p.c. 4 m 3/8” 231
9T57Y01R25TROverb. rubber p.c. 8 m 3/8” 231
9T57Y01R12TR12Overb. rubber p.c. 4 m 12x1231
9T57Y01R25TR12Overb. rubber p.c. 8 m 12x1231
9TVACVBPControl wire24100
9TVAGD2325Rubber sheat 23x25 2550
9TVAPL26281Leather sleeve 26x28 0.5 m1
Code DescriptionNo.No.pcs.
9TWP9VTorch body with valve121
9TWP9VFFlexible torch body with valve12A1
9TH100Standard handle181
9TVS-2Valve for torch body211
9T57Y01R12GO3/8Rubber power cable 4 m 3/8” 23A1
9T57Y01R25GO3/8Rubber power cable 8 m 3/8” 23A1
9T57Y01R12GORubber power cable 4 m 12x1 23A1
9T57Y01R25GORubber power cable 8 m 12x1 23A1