The term flushing means the removal using fluid transport of contaminants of various natural bodies present within piping and/or equipment. To achieve this result the carrier fluid is released into circulation by means of suitable pumps to meet these conditions ensuring that certain turbulent flow conditions are met and are suitable for transporting contaminants. Flushing operations mainly involve hydraulic and lubrication circuit piping.

HVAC is an English abbreviation, widely used in all fields of industry, which stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning.

P1 Inlet pressure 300 bar – P2 Outlet pressure 60 bar – Q1 standard delivery flow 50 m3/h

CodeDescriptionConnectionWeight (kg)No.Pcs.Pack.Dim.(cm)Pack.Weight (kg)
324280MIGNON Nitrogen 2 gaugesM10x1RH0.503041 x 36 x  2415.20
324380MIGNON Nitrogen L.P. gaugeM10x1RH0.453041 x 36 x  2413.70
324180MIGNON Nitrogen H.P. gaugeM10x1RH0.453041 x 36 x  2413.70
324080MIGNON Nitrogen no gaugesM10x1RH0.355046 x 29.5 x 2617.70