The decompression panel is used to manage the supply of a gas to the system, thereby guaranteeing continuity of the supply by controlling the primary and secondary sources. The system is used to minimise the stress to the fittings and the pipes during cylinder replacement.

From the decompression station, the gases are distributed to the various places of use in the department by means of dedicated pipes. The gas outlets are obtained from the main networks at the individual workstations. The dedicated outlet panels are applied where Gas Points are considered necessary for the smooth operation of the workplace.


The Oxyturbo panels are of the manual exchange type and include:

  • the inlet shut-off valves with no-return valves
  • the 1/2 M outlet ball valve
  • the pressure reducer 

All of the components are fixed onto a stainless steel panel ready for wall mounting. The use of downstream flame-retardant valves on oxygen and combustible gas panels is recommended. (Not available)
For utilities where there is a significant and continuous flow, the use of a hydrothermal pre-heater is advisable. (Not available)
To allow for the simultaneous use of several cylinders, manifold systems, can be easily connected to the panel.


The Oxyturbo decompression panels are designed to be used with compressed and dissolved gases, which are pressurised and contained in cylinders with a maximum pressure of 230 bar. Their function is to reduce output pressure from the cylinder and to keep it constant.

Technical information:

  • Operating temperature:-15°C +60°C
  • Manual exchange cut-off valves with NRV (NRV= No-Return Valve
  • Output pressure: 20 bar adjustable/50 bar adjustable/1.5 bar adjustable
  • Dimensions: 450x350x240mm
  • Panel dimensions: 350x360x30mm

OXYGEN 20bar





CODEDescriptionInputOutletP1 (bar)P2 (bar)Flow rate Nm3 hWeight (kg)No. pcs.
190100Oxygen decompression panelW21,7x1/14 DX-M1/2 M2302015011.501
190100Argon decompression panelW21,7x1/14 DX-M1/2 M2302015011.501
190100Nitrogen decompression panelW21,7x1/14 DX-M1/2 M2302015011.501
190253Acetylen decompression panelG5/8 SX-F1/2 M251.52211.501
190000Oxygen decompression panelW21,7x1/14 Dx-M1/2 M2305030011.501
190000Argon decompression panelW21,8x1/14 Dx-M1/2 M2305030011.501
190000Nitrogen decompression panelW21,8x1/14 Dx-M1/2 M2305030011.501
190000Air decompression panelW21,8x1/14 Dx-M1/2 M2305030011.501
190150Hydrogen decompression panelW20,00x1/14 SX-M1/2 M23020110011.501

Decompression panels are available on request with inlet connections for each Country“]